Yukimi Nagano, Will You Marry Me?

December 5, 2008


I really love my circle of friends, ’cause every now and then they put me on to some wonderful stuff when it comes to music. A few months back, one of my friends told me about this great little band from Sweden called Little Dragon. From the moment I heard “Twice”, I was hooked. The rest of their self-titled debut album had me in a trance for weeks. They had this quirky electro-pop sound, mixed with a little bit of jazz and soul/r&b. And it was crazy how Yukimi Nagano could remind me of at least half a dozen of my favorite singers and still have a style of her own at the same time. 

I knew I’d have to see them live at some point, but I didn’t hold out much hope at first, ’cause it looked like they stuck mostly to playing in Europe.  A glimmer of hope came, as another friend who had become a fan informed me that they’d be playing DC at the end of November! By this point, about two months ago, I had converted a handful of friends and both of my sisters, and they were as gung ho about seeing the band as I was. Unfortunately, a few of them ended up having to miss the show for a variety of medical reasons, but it gave me the opportunity to get another friend of mine to discover the group, so that was a plus.

The setting was very intimate, as The Black Cat is a fairly small club in one of the more  boho/yuppie  areas of downtown DC. My two lady friends and I stood right up front, and I realized I had completely forgotten to bring a camera!! Instead of dwelling on it, I just figured I’d kick back and enjoy the show. I had already completely fallen in love with Yukimi Nagano for being such a profoundly awesome and hypnotic vocalist, but her stage presence is remarkable as well. You’ve got singers who are great at singing, but might they might as well be mannequins when you see them live. But not Yukimi. For the entire show, she was just totally expressive and animated when she sang.  When she wasn’t singing, she’d bang on a gong or shake a tamborine like she was beating someone with it, all with the giddiest of smiles on her face! And if ever she felt a song needed it. . . . MORE COWBELL!!! Did I also mention she was barefoot the whole time?!? She certainly didn’t give a good goddamn when she left the stage in the middle of a song, and started dancing with the audience! I did my best “Goofy White Man at a Rave” dance as we locked eyes for about three or four seconds. Dammit, I wish I had remembered my camera!

In the meanwhile, chect out the vid for their new song, “Fortune”.


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