The Roots To Be The House Band for Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon

December 11, 2008



There have be rumblings about this for weeks, but it’s finally official: The Roots will be the house band for Jimmy Fallon when he takes over Late Night from Conan O’Brien. I’m sure a lot of people find it to be an odd choice, and I’m sure some fans may look at it as the band selling out, but I’d have to call bullshit on that sentiment. The way I say it, The Roots have been there and done that as far as their own music. Their place in hip-hop history is firmly cemented, and while I’ll always look forward to new Roots albums, they don’t really have anything left to prove creatively.

Furthermore, maybe they’ll take some time off from touring, ’cause I swear, these fools stay on the road!! I’m serious, these dudes have played DC so many times, I’ll go on a lunch break, and they’ll have done three shows at the 9:30 Club by the time I get back! Let ’em stay in one place for a change.


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