Should We Accept Soulja Boy’s Apology?

December 22, 2008

Soulja Boy has always been like two sides of a coin for me. On one side, he represents the independent, do-it-yourself aspect of hip-hop, taking the initiative to put himself out there without any major label backing or initial  support mainstream music media. On the other side, his skills as a rapper are amatuerish and his subject matter is profoundly juvenile. Beyond that, his behavior and comments in the press have also raised eyebrows and sparked controversy. Even in jest, thanking slavemasters for bringing blacks from Africa so they could get bling is just flat-out disrespectful and speaks to Soulja Boy’s stupifying and frightening ignorance.

But has someone finally pulled him aside and smacked the necessary sense into his head for him to realize his “21st Century coonery” will do more harm than good? Is he finally starting to realize the error of his ways? Can we believe the apology in the video below? How many of us should even give a rat’s ass?


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