Some Folks Just Need To Quit Their Bitchin’!

December 23, 2008


Not that Christina Milian was ever some super-talented uber-diva, but she’s clearly frustrated that she’s never reached the heights of popularity comparable to, say, Beyonce or Rihanna. She pretty much blames Def Jam for dropping her from the label to focus their efforts on Rihanna in the current issue of Rap-Up magazine. But here’s my question: What about before Rihanna was a factor? Looking at Milian’s career, she’s always been something of an “on the fringe” pop star. She’s always had that one single per album that a lot of people connected with, but it was never that much so as to drum up interest for the rest of the album. She’s had as many chances to blow as any other pop singer. She’s had more than enough time to grow and learn what works for her as an artist and what doesn’t. She also needs to realize that a record label is still a business. And business decisions have to be made. They can only put so much money into an artist without getting a serious return on their investment. Her last album, So Amazing, only sold 163,000 copies for cryin’ out loud! Between that and the fact that it was a 60% decline from the sales of the preceding album, It’s About Time, it’s no wonder Def Jam dropped her. Maybe she needs to focus on the overseas markets or something, ’cause she’s clearly not connecting with enough people here in the states.


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