Japanese Cartoon – Firing Squad

January 27, 2009


Oh, how the tables have turned! ‘Cause here I am, just one day after raking Lil’ Wayne over the coals for his crimes against rock music, and I come across this little ditty. For weeks now, I’ve been hearing about Japanese Cartoon, and how the band is basically Lupe Fiasco’s needlessly elaborate side project. That is to say that in this day and age of abundant, easily accessible information and hyper-awareness, there’s little to no point in trying to convince the masses that you and your alter ego (in this case, a British punk rock singer Percival Fats) are two separate people. It’s better to just let people know from jump (like The Gorillaz), than to carry on with undue theatrics. If anything, Lupe should just have fun with the gimmick of him, as himself, singing in a punk/rock band with a British accent. Now THAT would be cool! (and far less pretentious.)

But I seem to have derailed the irony train I was conducting, as my point was that I now find myself in the position of asking, “Do I genuinely like this, or am I applauding it for being different, before applauding it for being good?” If  I’m being totally honest with myself, I’ve never been a fan of the whole brit-pop/punk sound, but I don’t dislike it. And I suppose, given my being far more of a fan of Lupe in general, it could be considered a double standard to support Lupe’s side genre-switching project moreso than whatever Lil’ Wayne is doing. So I’ll just present the goods, and keep my mouth shut this time around.

Download – Firing Squad

(courtesy of smokeYYY at Tharealish)


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