Is Joaquin Faking It?

January 28, 2009


For the love of all that is decent and holy, PLEASE LET THIS BE THE TRUTH!!!

I know this is the point where a buttload of people come out of the woodwork to say, “I knew it all along!!” But I’m not gonna be one of those people. I’m gonna own up to my naivete, and admit that Joaquin had me there for a minute.  Not that I didn’t hope for him to be just kidding about wanting to pursue a rap career. Stranger things have happened in Hollywood. But it would seem that we shouldn’t be holding our breaths (or clenching our sphincters) for that MC Phoenix album, according to Entertainment Weekly:

“He said, ‘It’s a put-on. I’m going to pretend to have a meltdown and change careers, and Casey(Affleck) is going to film it,'” says one source who recently worked with Phoenix.

I gotta admit, for someone I’ve thought had less of a sense of humor than Sean Penn, Joaquin Phoenix may have gone above and beyond to prove me wrong. Now just hurry up and shave that gow-awful beard!!!


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