New Music – RjD2 (Updated)

February 3, 2009


I know I’m probably in the minority of long-time RjD2 fans who actually thought The Third Hand was a great album. It definitely took some getting used to, but I was hooked once I did. It’s easily one of the quirkiest pop/rock albums I’ve heard in years. But I’m more than happy to hear him get back to his roots with the few songs that have popped up online (presumably off a new album to be released this year), courtesy of alwayshustle.com. On first listen, they’re all pretty solid,  especially “Song For You”.

Download – Song For You, Time Has The Final Word, Morning Break

EDIT: Looks like there may be some shenanigans going on. Check the comment below.



  1. hahaha! funny joke. this shit has nothing to do with me. biter? who knows, you decide. jokester? for sure. these songs have absolutely nothing to do with me. grandgood, you either got got, or you’re in on the joke. either way, nice job on the false reporting.

    and fyi, im gonna continue to do instrumental AND vocal music. just like dead ringer. or since we last spoke. etc etc etc. dont like it? tough titties, buy the instrumental version when it comes out. new album doesnt sound like any of the previous 3 albums. thank god it doesnt sound like these clips either.

  2. Im affraid so peeps. It wasnt a biter though, it seems like some idiot posted the wrong name on a stoopid you tube video check it:

    Crate Digger
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Yo, I’m a big fan of the RJD2 and when I heard these tracks I thought they were FIRE! But later to hear that they wernt him I was deeply upset. I did some research yall so no one gets the wrong, cause I was DOOPED! I found a RJD2 thread that said there was some confusion with youtube and alwayshustle.com, and that the videos on youtube were titled RJD2, but wasnt him, it was supposed to be an artist called Elephant Armada. He also got mixed up with some Dj Shadow and Nujabees video. The guy reportedly apologized on the site, but now it seems that Elephant Armada is trying to sue this guy because his album isnt out yet, and is wondering why his shits on youtube? So it’s an Elephant Armada leak everyone not a RJD2 leak. I’m gonna go around and post this thread for others to read so they dont get it twisted.
    Mar 28th, 2009

    The songs are actually pretty dope though, I think I like this Elephant character

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