Regarding The Rihanna Police Photo Leaked By TMZ

February 20, 2009


I haven’t really wanted to talk about the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna thing. I may joke with friends about females giving you a reason to slap ’em in certain extreme situations, but in all honesty, anything involving a man beating on a women doesn’t really fly with me. If you have to restrain a woman if she’s trying to beat on you, that’s one thing. But the moment you get into striking a woman, and doing it repeatedly until she’s visibly bruised and/or bloody, that’s a problem! That’s a “fucking” problem!!!

What I do want to talk about is all the bloggers who are posting the alleged police photo that TMZ has leaked. I don’t want to judge anyone, but I just feel like it’s in poor taste to continue circulating that photo. It definitely does look like the real deal, moreso than the  one that came out right after the incident, which kind of offended me as someone with a somewhat casual knowledge of photomanipulation. In any event, if TMZ wants to post the pic online, fine. In my opinion, they’re no better than the National Enquirer, and are just in it for the sensationalism. It’s one thing when we as bloggers and web journailist showcase celebrities in embarrassing moments, or things they can get over rather quickly. It’s a whole other ball of wax when we’re dealing with something like domestic abuse. You see pictures like this, and you don’t just see the physical cuts and bruises, you see intense emotional pain. You see a woman who can’t believe someone she loved and trusted would do this to her. It isn’t really something we should be distributing to as many people as possible. Barring that, it’s technically evidence in an ongoing investigation. We still have no real idea of what went down between Rihanna and Chris Brown, and things like this threaten said investigation.  Even once Brown’s fate is decided, we may never know the whole truth.


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