Jamaica Banning Sex, Drugs, And Violence From The Radio. Now What They Gon’ Play?!?

February 24, 2009

You better handle that bear mountain!

Associated Press:

Jamaican regulators say they are forbidding all explicit references to sex and violence over the airwaves.
The new rules from the island’s broadcast commission ban any song or music video that depicts sexual acts or glorifies gun violence, murder, rape or arson.

The Saturday announcement follows a Feb. 6 ban that specifically targeted dancehall tunes and videos depicting “daggering” — a dance style popular among Jamaican youth that features pelvic grinding simulating sex.

The beat-driven fusion of reggae and rap known as “dancehall” is hugely popular in Jamaica despite recurrent controversy over its lyrics and the dance style.

Does this news illicit a “huh?” from anyone else? Even for fans of reggae and danchall not born into West Indian culture like yours truly, isn’t this remarkably baffling? Just for the fact that people seem to be treating this as if the content and subject matter are recent. The music has been like this pretty much from the beginning, even if one could argue that it’s more aggressive now. As for the dancing, it’s not like I haven’t grown up around similar styles of dance all my life! It was going on long before most of us were even born.

Now, do I agree with all of the subject matter in some of these songs, no. But I accept that it’s part of a wider culture, and I don’t think a radio ban will solve any perceived problems the Jamaican government is trying to fix. Besides, what the hell else are they gonna play on the radio now?!?


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  1. does this include Sandles?

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