Candy Girls: E!’s Newest Reality Show (That Probably Should Have Been On MTV Or VH1)

February 25, 2009

I probably wouldn’t mind most of the reality shows that are MTV if that had some, even a remote, relation to music or the music industry! We’ve long since given up on MTV actually devoting time and energy to showcasing MUSIC, but must they continue to bombard us with reality shows that have virtually NOTHING to do with music? Their current Sunday Night lineup, for example. I’m tired of “Extreme Sports Stars Doing Dumb Shit: Version 5.7”!!!

Meanwhile, the E! Channel seems to get more music related reality shows than MTV and VH1! And make no mistake, employing video vixens is a major factor in music! I’m just being honest!


“Candy Girls” (working title) follows Danielle, who has built her company “Bella” into one of the premiere talent agencies for the music industry’s casting needs. Every woman who wants to break into this industry knows Danielle is the best in the business and holds the key to the biggest jobs. She is armed with two women in her inner circle who help keep her organized and on task: Kysha and April. Kysha is her best friend and assistant, whose newness to the industry often leads her to getting played by the game. Danielle has taken her under her wing and works overtime to teach her the system, but Kysha’s new romantic relationship is starting to affect her performance at work and create problems between her and her boss. April is a professional celebrity stylist who has hustled her way to the top during her ten years in the industry, styling over 100 music videos for such big names as Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Bow-Wow. She is a single mother, raising a son she had with model Tyson Beckford and must juggle that role with her successful job in the industry. As the self-proclaimed “token white girl,” she is Danielle’s eyes and ears when Danielle can’t be on set and keeps a close eye on the talent.

The series tracks Danielle’s efforts to manage some of the most sought-after women in the industry as they navigate a harsh and highly-competitive landscape. Her talent has formed a tight crew – they are all friends first, but at the end of the day it’s about getting paid and these women must balance their friendships when competing for the same opportunities. Adding to the pressure is that these women know full well that they have limited time to make a big splash in this industry before times take its toll on their looks and bodies.


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