Sci-Fi Channel To Be Renamed. . .To Something “Far More Clever”

March 16, 2009

If the quotation marks weren’t enough, I’m being sarcastic. Because there’s absolutely nothing clever about Sci-Fi Channel’s impending name change. If anything, it’s more of that “cocaine logic” I keep trying to warn you guys about! But y’all don’t hear me, tho! You’re all content to let this fuckery continue! Gaze in horror at what you all have wrought!!!


As it’s been explained, the name change is meant to create a more “ownable brand” for the cable network, the term “Sci-Fi”, being so generic and so broadly used that it can’t really be used for the purposes of branching out into other media. I guess we can at least give them points for honesty, as the name change serves no real purpose other than perpetuating capitalist greed!


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