Blackout! 2 Coming Next Month?!?! Really?!?!

March 25, 2009

In a previous incarnation of Because I Said So, I did a piece called “Where’s the Follow-Up?!?”, where I talked about the pairing of Redman and Method Man for the album Blackout!. For those who know me, they know it’s one of my favorite hip-hop albums, and that I’ve been baffled as to why they hadn’t come out with a sophomore effort. But apparently, I don’t have to ponder this anymore, as Blackout! 2 is set for release on April 28th.


Predictions? Taking into account every song they’ve ever performed together, whether it be on Blackout!, a soundtrack, or each other’s solo albums, I’ve never completely disliked a Red/Meth song. Some of have been better than others, but I can’t think of any of them being inherently bad. I supposed that’s a serious matter of opinion, but I just feel like they’ve always managed to play so well off of each other, that it elevates songs that would otherwise be mediocre. To that end, I think Blackout! 2  could, at the very least, be “just okay”. I seriously doubt it can match the sheer raw magic of the first album, but I see no reason why it can’t be an enjoyable effort from two well-respected vets of the rap game.

Download: Redman & Method Man – City Lights feat. UGK


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