MTV Plans To Air Videos Again . . . . And We Should, What. . . Care?

April 2, 2009


To say that MTV’s announcement that they’re going to start airing music videos again comes a day late and a dollar short would be a profound understatement. Aside from supplemental channels like MTV Hits and MTV Jams, MTV “original recipe” hasn’t been devoted to airing videos since the turn of the millennia! (No, I don’t count TRL, as all it did was cater to a generation of ADHD Ritalin tweekers.) And since that time, the internet has made the network even more irrelevant. To say nothing of not having to be subjected to needless censorship (we can refer to people as “dicks” and “assholes” on network television, but a rapper still can’t say “gun” in his videos? How “short bus” is that?!?).

But here’s the kicker, the schedule for airing videos: 3 to 9AM from Monday to Thursday. Who’s their target demographic, insomniacs?!?! Home invaders who may wanna take a break after loading all your shit into their getaway cars?!


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