My Future Ex-Wife Of The Week: Dichen Lachman

April 9, 2009


Knowing FOX, they’ll probably cancel Dollhouse (it’s on Friday Nights, for cryin’ out loud!), which would be a shame, if I don’t get to see this beauty on a weekly basis. Yeah, Eliza Dushku’s the star and everything, but I think most of us have lusted for her so long, she’s kind of a given. I’m about trying to find new lovelies to exchange divorce lawyers’ numbers with! Like Dushku, Lachman plays a “doll”, a blank slate that’s programmed to be anyone a client wants. From a pop star’s biggest fan, to a scientist, to a “take no prisoners” military operative, she can pretty much do anything. I’m just a sucker for whenever she gets to use her real-life Australian accent. The “sexy” factor for an Australian accent is a lot higher than most would think!


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