Dragonball Evolution Comes Out Today?!? Coulda Fooled Me!!!

April 10, 2009


I swear, this is gonna be another banner year for 20th Century Fox. Yeah, Wolverine will probably still make “Scrooge McDuck Paper” at the box office, but it’s hard not to ignore the damage done when the work print for the film ended up online illegally for hundreds of thousands of people to download and watch. It’s sparked a lot renewed concern about movie piracy, not to mention instances of professional critics reviewing the work print as if it were a finished film, even admitting to where they downloaded the film. Yes, because that’s the smart thing to do! But beyond that, Fox just doesn’t care about the quality of the films they put out anymore, point blank. You could argue that the same could be said of other major studios, but few are as blatant as Fox when it comes to just tossing out a film regardless of how good or bad it is. And with their most recent release, you have to wonder why they even made the film in the first place?

Based on the Japanese manga and various anime series, Dragonball Evolution hits theaters today, and anyone who would even remotely give a rat’s ass probably doesn’t even realize it. Promotion for the film has been surprisingly non-existent, at least from what I’ve seen (or haven’t seen.). I’ll see an ad in the occasional comic book, but beyond that, the trailer hasn’t played before any movie I’ve seen in the last two months, and I haven’t seen a single commercial on television. It just seems odd given the popularity of the adapted property. Even with it’s meager budget (speculated to be around 50 million), Fox can’t really afford to be pissing away money on a film they’re not even going to try to promote.


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