My Future Ex-Wife Of The Week: Jasika Nicole

April 16, 2009


Yeah, yeah! I know what y’all are gonna say, “another one from a show on FOX?!?”. I can’t help it if the network produces a target-rich environment of ladies who may one day have to pay me spousal support!!! In any event, Jasika plays Agent Astrid Farnsworth (man, her parents must be some uppity black folk to name her “Astrid”, especially with a last name like “Farnsworth”!) on Fringe, and while she’s been little more than a lab assistant to the show’s psychologically-challenged scientist, Walter Bishop, I hold out hope that the makers of the show will actually give her something meaningful to do. If I’m being perfectly honestly, I wouldn’t mind them killing off the show’s main character and having Astrid take over! Make it happen, guys!!!


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