My Future Ex-Wife Of The Week: Michelle Rodriguez

April 23, 2009


Whether men like to admit it or not, every now and then, “crazy” can equal “sexy as hell”! And few celebs do crazy quite  like Michelle Rodriguez. Known to go from “girlie-girl” to “psycho butch” in less than four seconds, Michelle’s most recent “act the fool” moment came during her friend and manager’s wedding weekend in the Dominican Republic. Antics included pushing dinner guests into the hotel pool, and berating the stripper at the bachelorette party, before leaving and declaring, “This is the kind of stuff that brings out the bisexual in me!” How can you not go for that?! How can you not want to be swept up in that force of nature?! Then again, step outta line, and I might not live to see the divorce proceedings.


“My Future Ex-Wife” is copyright Carl Williams and Kevin Hunt, and used defiently without their consent!



  1. I think she is absolutely gorgeous. I like her personality she keeps it real and alot of people don’t people like that. But, in my opinion I rather have an honest person by my side than a phony lieing bitch.

  2. Damn she is sexxy and I don’t know if she is a firecracker in real life but that just makes it even better this is my dream girl sexxy, fiesty,and smart.

  3. This girl is a babe. The babe, in fact. Hottest/most awesome girl ever.

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