Eminem – 3 A.M.

April 24, 2009


A relentless late-night killing spree fueled by a veritble Chex Mix of pharmaceuticals? Must be an Eminem song.

Honestly, even before “We Made You” came out, I wasn’t terribly excited for Relapse. I love the man, but in the four years since Encore, an album he pretty much sleepwalked through, I’ve kind of moved on. And the music landscape, especially mainstream hip-hop, has changed considerably (you can thank Kanye and Lil’ Wayne for the most part). As it stands, I expect more from Em. I certainly thought he’d have stopped with the tired formula of releasing a grab bag of corny pop culture snipes as the first single, and actually remind people why he was (and is still by many) considered one of the best rappers of his time.

This new track is merely “okay”. Em’s voice when he rhymes has become far too cartoonish, and I’ve long since grown tired of it. It actually makes me miss his guttaral “I’m gonna eat a baby!” voice from The Marshal Mathers LP.

Download – 3 A.M.


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