My Future Ex-Wife Of The Week: Monique Gabriela Curnen

May 1, 2009

(Image via CineMagia)

There are a lot of reasons to watch The Unusuals (at least I think so), but this lady right here is pretty close to the top of the list. I swear, female detectives on cop shows keep getting more attractive. They’re gonna have to start coming up with backstories for why all these women are so freakin’ hot! Like in The Bone Collector, and Angelina Jolie’s character used to be a teen model, or something. They certainly do a lot to tone down Curnen’s sexy, but they can only do so much. When she played Detective Ramirez in The Dark Knight (she must like roles where she gets to use a gun . . . . I like that!), she had the dumpiest wardrobe of anyone in that film, and you’d mistake for a bag lady if her face wasn’t so damn lovely! C’mon, man! The eyes, the sexy bottom lip, it’s all right there! I wouldn’t mind sharing joint custody of some kids with her someday, that’s all I’m saying!


“My Future Ex-Wife” is copyright Carl Williams and Kevin Hunt, and used defiently without their consent!


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