Irv Gotti Earns My “Facepalm” Of The Day

May 27, 2009


It’s one thing when people in hip-hop say stupid things. It’s another when the stupid thing is their admiration of others in hip-hop saying stupid things! And that, in itself, is remarkably stupifying. But if anyone was gonna do it, of course it would be Irv “yo career ain’t over, yet?!?” Gotti. When talking to MTV about his feelings on Nas as an artist, Irv had this to say:

“First of all, Nas is my brother — another one of my brothers. But I personally like Nas when he’s ignorant. Whenever Nas gets political or he starts thinking or he wants to change the world, it’s good, but I personally like it more when Nas is on his QB, ignorant n—a sh–. When he’s on [a] ‘Made You Look’ [vibe]. When he’s on his arrogant sh–. When Nas dumbs himself down, he’s nicer to me. I tell him that sh– all the time. … When he’s on some n—a sh–, he’s nicer.”

Now, we could give Irv the benefit of the doubt, and forgive him for articulating his opinion with a poor choice of words, as I’m sure what he meant was that he prefers Nas’ music when he alludes to a grittier persona, reflecting the neighborhood in which he was raised, and managed to survive, in spite of the unsavory elements that inhabited it. But sweet merciful fuck nuts! This is why PR firms are so necessary!



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