The Clock Is Running Out For 24

March 29, 2010

“Don’t make me shoot you! (like I need that much of a reason.)”

It had to happen sooner or later, I guess. After a lot of speculation, word finally came down that the current season of 24 would be its last. Ratings had been on the decline for some time, and given the show’s ginormous price tag, it’s just not worth much to Fox to keep it on any longer. Would I have wanted another season of 24? Sure. The show’s run has been career-defining for Kieffer Sutherland, who was always in danger for being remembered solely for his roles as degenerate psychopaths in films like Stand By Me and The Last Boys. Granted, the argument could be made that Jack Bauer is kind of a psychopath. But at least he’s a patriotic psychopath! Take Captain America, show him how chickens nuggets are made after forcing him to watch a three-day marathon of The Hills, and you’ve got Jack Bauer! This man has done fucked up things for America! And even when the government’s tried to hang him out to dry, Jack’s never hesitated to remind them that things could have been a lot worse if not for him cutting off the occasional limb, or threatening the occasional terrorist’s family member (even shooting his former mentor’s wife in the leg for information), or kidnapping the occasional Commander in Chief, etc., etc., etc. To say nothing of that fact that I honestly believe the man cannot be killed. I think he’s been shocked to death at least three times, shot, stabbed, even stricken with a biological weapon! I want CTU’s health plan, dammit!

Oh well. At least now we’re that much closer to a big-screen Jack Bauer adventure, which was only being held back in light of the show still being on the air. The real-time day-long season concept has been great and all, but the character has long-since evolved beyond the need for it. Maybe now Fox can put more attention towards Human Target.


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