Clash Of The Filmgoers

March 31, 2010

As someone who writes the occasional movie review, I figure I owe it to myself to take advantage of as many advance movie screenings as I can. And usually, I have a pretty decent experience. Most free screenings, at least here in DC, start around 7:30. Depending on what theater any given screening is at in relation to where I work, I can get to most theaters by six o’clock. But by then, the line to get in the screening may already be a bit long. So it helps having friends who always get there before me, that I can meet up with. Unfortunately, we weren’t so luck when we went to see Clash of the Titans last night. A lot of this is due to some of the worst planning we had ever seen for a movie screening. For starters, the venue itself wasn’t particularly ideal, its narrow corridors making lining up for the screening rather hellish. And overall coordination with the theater staff was seemingly non-existent. While several people were permitted to start lining up as early as five o’clock, others would encounter theater employees that informed them that they weren’t allow to start lining up until six o’clock. Imagine my disappointment when I met one of my friends, only to find him behind a hundred or so people, having received this erroneous information!

To say nothing of the fact that How To Train Your Dragon was still playing in the theater where Clash was to be played, past the time when they usually start letting people in for screenings! You can imagine the logistical nightmare this became when the audience for that film came out. A large table where security would check our bags was blocking the door, and the aforementioned narrow corridor leading out of the theater was packed with a twice-coiled line of anxious filmgoers. Not to mention the ever-growing hoard of people at the auditorium door trying to check in because they were on a press list for the screening. And THIS is why getting to these things so early is a must. It’s expected that some press will be at these screenings and they get reserved seats. The joke being that most of that list may not even be comprised of actually press! Last night’s screening had press, guests of press, Time-Warner employees, guests of Time-Warner employees, etc., etc., etc. What was even more hilarious was one of the screening reps making an announcement to the people waiting in line that all of these “not really press” people HAD to see the movie, as if their lives depended on it. I’ll give the guys carrying pens and notepads the benefit of the doubt, but of that 70 to 80-person hoard, I spotted no more than eight or nine dudes with pens and notepads! And these people ultimately took up about a third of the seating in the theater! That primo second tier section, no less!

But then you’ve got the delusional folks that show up at or after seven o’clock who actually think they’re getting into the theater! People who actually bought their soda, popcorn, and Twizzlers before getting in line, and were ultimately turned away ’cause the theater was already at capacity. I’d say there were at least a hundred folks who did not get to see Clash of the Titans last night. But what kills me is the idea that they deserve consolation for their tardiness, the screening organizers apparently giving them screening passes to upcoming films like The Losers. What the hell?!? “Sorry you guys couldn’t bring her lazy asses down here early enough to get in on this FREE moving screening. Here are passes to another FREE movie screening we’ll be having soon!” American fails when we reward incompetence, people! Haven’t you all learned that yet?!

All things considered, my friend and I were just happy to get in. Granted, it would have been nice if we didn’t have an extremely talkative family sitting behind us! I swear, these women spent almost the entire movie talking about Greek mythology and comparing the movie to what they knew! Realize where you are, and act accordingly!

(PS – If you plan on seeing Clash of the Titans, skip the 3D!)


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  1. So what did you think of the movie itself?

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