Tiger Supporters: You’re Not Helping

April 8, 2010

I remember when this whole Tiger fiasco broke, and his sponsors dropping him faster than his mistresses’ panties. But Tag Hauer was so supportive of Tiger than they created a series of print ads with the headline of “We Stand By Tiger”. I’m sure they meant well, but it didn’t really do anything to help Tiger, who would later find his way to sex rehab (LOL!!!!!! Oh, that’s hilarious!). But now, Nike’s doing their part to help Tiger get back on the comeback trail, with a new commercial.

I’m sorry, but what in crispy Panko-breaded hell is this?!?! Seriously, this is some Lion King, “Moufasa in the clouds talkin’ to Simba” type shit!! I know Tiger would like to believe that people would appreciate him figuratively falling on the sword and whatnot, but one, he doesn’t owe the public jack shit except a good-ass golf game, and two, it’s kind of in poor taste. Taking some out of context audio of his (deceased) father, and applying it to his current situation?! I understand the sentiment, but the execution rubs me the wrong way. Just play golf, Tiger. The rest will sort itself out.


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