50 Cent: Killing Val Kilmer’s Career Soon At A Redbox Near You!

April 22, 2010

Spotted at The Smoking Section

Sweet biscuits is there a lot of f*ckery going on with this poster. I could end with the fact that it’s a movie poster with 50 Cent on it. That means he’s “acting” again. (RUN!!!!) But beyond that, you’ve got the fact that Val Kilmer’s name is on the poster. Which means he agreed to be in a movie with 50 Cent . . . . AGAIN!! Between Righteous Kill, and the failure of his first team-up with Curtis to get bought by a distributor, you’d think he’d have learned his lesson. Sad to think that his smartest career move in the five years since co-starring in the brilliant and criminally underrated Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has been to take the role of the villain in MacGruber!!! Let that marinate in your brain pan . . . . Mac-fucking-GRUBER!!!

What happened to the man who seemed to be having a career resurgence in the early 2000s, with films like The Salton Sea, Spartan, and Wonderland? Oh yeah, he turned into the fat lesbian your mom started dating after she divorced your dad!

Sweet merciful fuck nuts!



  1. Uh uh. Not the fat lesbian. LMAO!

  2. suck 50cent and val kilmer dick

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