How To Waste A Perfectly Good Friday Night

May 2, 2010

I rarely go to promo events for movies. Not that I had ever had a bad experience with them until this past Friday night. They usually just happened to fall on nights where I’m already doing something . . . or the event didn’t interest me to begin with. But for whatever reason, I felt compelled to check out the promo party for Iron Man 2. Seemed like it might be fun, and I really wanted to get out the house.

Once confirmed as being on the guest list, I came home from work, did away with my scruffy stubble, and headed out. The first red flag should have been the location. This particular area of downtown is packed with uber-trendy lounges and clubs, and finding parking was like going on an archeological expedition. Once I thought I had found a spot (I’d later discover that I had been duped by conflicting parking signs, and was slapped with a $50.00 ticket!), I made my way to this particular lounge, and announced myself as being on the guest list for the Iron Man 2 party (which is definitely as goofy as it sounds). Red flag number two, despite being on a guest list, I STILL HAD TO PAY TO GET IN!!!! I’m sorry, but where they do that at?!?

In lieu of cash, I pre-paid a forty-dollar bar tap. I figured I could easily drink at least two or three drinks over the course of the evening, and buy one for a lady if I saw fit. Right off the bat, I felt like I’d be duped. Outside of a few movie posters on the walls, I didn’t see anything that made this a promo party. There was no sign of people from the media company hosting the event, and no discernible area devoted to promoting the film. If it’s just gonna be some random club night where you’re not really going to make an effort to do anything to promote the film (giving out some free movie passes would have been nice, for example!), say that in the invite. Don’t tell people specific things you’re going to be doing and giving away, and then not deliver at all.

It’s not like I didn’t try to make the most of the situation. But being a male at a club by yourself is never a good thing. At least being there with a group of friends (male, female, or both) helps to offset any feelings of uneasiness. Especially in a place where sitting is a privilege you have to pay a minimum of two hundred bucks for, even if the bottle of liquor you get with it is only worth twenty-five.


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