Black Dynamite And Seven Of Nine Want Scorpion To “FINISH HIM!”

June 9, 2010

Say what you want about there being no good video game movies, but the original Mortal Kombat flick still rocks exponentially! Dope fight scenes (especially Johnny Cage vs. Scorpion), the kick-ass soundtrack, Robin Shou’s utterly magical hair, what’s not to love?!? Unfortunately, the sequel seemed to go out of its way to sodomize the Pomeranian! And while there’s been talk of a reboot of the film franchise for years, I’ve always taken the stance of believing it would actually happen around the same time I’d come home one day to find a nekkid Scarlett Johansson in my bedroom, drippin’ corn syrup on her naughty bits! But if this video is any indication, I should start stocking up on Karo!

The vid comes courtesy of Kevin Tancharoen, who direct last years remake of Fame (I know, right?), and is basically a test reel to present to Warner Bros., as confirmed by Latino Review. Among the actors featured, Michael Jai White appears as Jax, Jeri Ryan plays Sonja Blade, and Ian Anthony Dale plays Scorpion.

From the looks of things, the intent is to make the world of Mortal Kombat more grounded in reality, which has its pros and cons. Revamps of characters like Reptile and Baraka just seem rather stupid. For fuck’s sake, the inclusion of Baraka period is stupid! I’ve always hated that character, even moreso since he inspired the bastardization of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine! And if Reptile’s just a human with a skin condition, why does he only eat human heads?!? I refuse to believe he wouldn’t be just as satisfied with a two-piece and a biscuit from Popeye’s.

But dammit if the fighting isn’t top notch! The fight choreography was handled by Larnell Stovall, who’s building quite the reputation after the rave reviews action movie fans gave for his work on the straight-to-DVD Undisputed III. If anything, they need to get Scott Atkins involved whenever Warner Bros. decides to fast-track this puppy. He may have played the aforementioned bastardization of Deadpool, but I can’t fault the guy for tryin’ to get some theatrical box office paper! I’m also liking the idea of making Scorpion the main character, sort of an anti-hero, so to speak.


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