Trailer For The RZA-Directed Wu-Tang Vs. The Golden Phoenix

June 30, 2010

I had honestly forgotten about RZA’s dream to direct an old-school-style Kung-Fu movie. I kept hearing about it, and was never really quite sure how it would all turn out. Such vanity projects by non-film celebrities can usually range from relatively “meh”-inducing, to a level of awfulness that would make Vincent Gallo look like Stanly Kubrick by comparison. The latter happens more often than not.

And while the trailer for Wu-Tang Vs. The Golden Phoenix has a slight “homemade fan film” vibe to it, there’s still a great deal of charm to be found. If anything, it reminds me the new wave of Japanese gore films that have been on the rise lately, like Tokyo Gore Police and Robo-Geisha, but thankfully without the conflicting feelings of arousal and revulsion. Beyond that, it definitely follows the classic kung-fu flick aesthetic, and it doesn’t hurt that the RZA has enlisted the aid of such genre vets as Five Deadly Venoms fight choreographer Robert Tai, members of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team, and Chi Kuan Chun of Shaw Bros. fame. Throw in a score by John Frusciante, and you’ve got quite the interesting project. And lord knows kids are gonna wanna know how to do that kick-ass shockwave-looking punch move at the end of the trailer!


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